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Medical research and orthodontic practice are, for SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer, two important aspects to have a products range able to satisfy the clinical needs of the orthodontists around the world.

SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer is a full-line orthodonitc supplier and its range runs from the standard metal brackets to the very aesthetic brackets of Polar line; from the stainless steel archwire to the high performance heat activated Mach3 archwires; from the most advanced state of the art Excalibur ortho implant screws to a wide range of buccal tube, either weldable and bondable.

SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer constantly strives to improve its current products and to introduce innovative new items that advance orthodontic practice. The products design and development are carried out with the support of a team of consultants composed of orthodontic specialists and academic staff.

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