Sia Orthodontic Manufacturer is an italian company that produce and distribute orthodontic products.

Established in 2000, the company, located far north of the city of Caserta, has an industrial building of 1.000 square meters where either production and headquarter are located.
Thanks to our high quality standards we market our products in several countries around the world; however the quality of the company goes beyond compliance with quality standards: the satisfaction of every customer is the result we get with a strong commitment in research and development, in manufacturing procedures and materials supply. We believe that customer satisfaction has to be the constant presence of each contact with each customer.

Our main production process is the Powder Injection Molding (PIM) technology. This technology consists in a mix of ceramic or metal alloy powders and specials resins that high pressure injected in special molds. The pieces are then heat treated in special furnaces at high temperature for resin removal and the final sintering. The end out of this technology is a high quality product, certified through a quality system that complies the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and, specifically for the medical field, UNI EN ISO13485:2004 standards.

Medical research and orthodontic practice are, for SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer, two important aspects to have a products range able to satisfy the clinical needs of the orthodontists around the world.

SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer is a full-line orthodontic supplier and its range runs from the standard metal brackets to the very aesthetic brackets; from the stainless steel archwire to the high performance heat activated archwires; to a wide range of buccal tube, either weldable and bondable.

SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer constantly strives to improve its current products and to introduce innovative new items that advance orthodontic practice. The products design and development are carried out with the support of a team of consultants composed of orthodontic specialists and academic staff.



WE CARE , the slogan that accompanies Sia Orthodontic Manufacturer from birth, is the manifest of its corporate culture: a constant commitment to customer satisfaction, to achieve with constant orientation to research and development, and timely attention to customer satisfaction at every point of contact.

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