ACTIVA is a quick, simple and practical means of open spring reactivation. Identify the necessary space; push the spring aside; choose the correct size of ACTIVA and put into place. In this manner, the spring is reactivated and again ready to create needed space.


Saving materials: no need to change the existing spring or archwire
Flexibility of use: choice of the activation level achieved with 3 available sizes. Activa fits on any size archwire and can be used anytime during treatment. It is also possible to increase progressively the activation of the spring just add additional sizes of ACTIVA.
Reduced chair time: spring replacements are no longer needed which results in less chair time.
– Cooperation with sliding mechanics: unlike the common crimping devices, Activa is not crimped onto the wire but around it. Therefore allowing the wire to move freely without impeding sliding movement.

Step 1: Grasp ACTIVA using any plier. With an elastic ligature director compress the spring to one side.
Step 2: : Insert ACTIVA on the archwire and crimp it gently.  Release the spring.

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