What is i-Arch?
i-arch is a unique and innovative system of orthodontic archwires, coming from years of research at SIA Orthodontic Manufacturer. i-arch allows an highly innovative effective, easy, compatible and biological orthodontic approach. Its effectiveness is given by the use, since the alignment and leveling stage, of
rectangular archwires with an immediate delivery of torque. Its easy of use comes from the reduced number of wires – only 3 – to be used. Its compatibility is given by the possible use with any straight-wire
prescription. Its biological compatibility is ensured by the use of very gentle forces (from 23g), reducing the traumatic effects – especially at the beginning – of the orthodontic treatment.


  • The immediate torque delivery, allows to reduce the treatment time and to obtain an effective three-dimensional control of the tooth’s movement, since from the beginning of treatment
  • Effectiveness in obtaining the increase in size of the arch
  • Patient pain reduction
  • Bone damage reduction, mainly at the level of the vestibular cortical
  • Easy clinical protocol that turns in a shorter chairtime and a lower stock of archwires.


  • Size of the two sections switched compared to conventional archwires
  • Very light forces
  • Ease of use, thanks to the reduced number of archwires per treatment
  • Compatible with any straight-wire prescription, as long as with slot 0,018”

Archwire Sequence:

  • i-Arch 0,016”x0,014”  Copper Ni-Ti Thermal as first archwire to obtain
    alignment, leveling and torque delivery;
  • i-Arch 0,018”x0,014” Superelastic as second archwire for the
    form of the arch and the sliding mechanics;
  • i-Arch 0,016”x0,016” Titanium as final archwire to
    complete the form of the arch, for the interarch mechanical
    and to stabilize the results achieved.

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