CRYSTAL is a ceramic brackets line featuring a perfect translucent performance for the best aesthetic results for the patient. The bracket is made of pure alumina oxide polycrystalline material, produced with a CIM (Ceramic Injection Moulding) process and high temperature sintered (1800°C) to ensure high density avoiding breakage and discolouring in the patient’s mouth. Its base it is provided with wide undercuts to increase the retention on the tooth avoiding bonding failures. The rounded brackets’ wings shape has been designed to reduce
the patient’s discomfort without compromise the ligature tie grip.


The main features are:

  • Low profile and roudend corners for a better patient comfort
  • Superb translucency thanks to a pure polycrystalline ceramic
  • Contoured bonding base with generous undercuts for a strong grip and an easy debonding procedure
  • Color code identification
  • Available in ROTH, MBT, EDGEWISE

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