Sia Orthodontic Manufacturer presents a wide range of MIM buccal tubes, made of stainless steel 17-4, that provides smooth surface and rounded corners. SIA buccal tubes are available in package of 10 pieces either for the bondable and weldable version.
WELDABLE BUCCAL TUBES. The dimensions and the design of this line of buccal tubes provide a correct control of teeth movement. The integrated ball hook ensures an higher resistance and a better patient comfort during elastic applications. The design of the slot funnelled entrance ensures a better and faster introduction of the arch even when the buccal  tube is placed on the second molar.
BONDABLE BUCCAL TUBES. The direct bonding buccal tubes have an embrasure on the mesial side for an easier insertion of the archwire. Can be ordered with the anatomical mesh short base, or with the anatomical mesh indent base.

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