The XP line of RPE, made of medical grade stainless steel, is designed to meet the most demanding accuracy requirements, stability and comfort. Its compact size and the chamfered shape, make it comfortable for the patient and also suitable in cases with limited space. XP’s fully mechanical friction system allows expansion control avoiding spin-back effect. The XP series doesn’t use any chemical components for friction control being completely safe for the patient.

Main Features : 

  • HOUSING OF THE ARMS IN A SINGLE PIECE BUILT: The arms are made of a soft and solid steel to allow accuracy in the bending and stability in the use.
  • LASER WELDING OF THE ARMS: Their U-shape and the laser welding in the single piece housing, ensure high torsion and compression resistance, eliminating risks of accidental breakage.
  • FUNNEL SHAPED INSERTION HOLE: The activation hole has been designed with an generous flaring funnel, to make it easier to the user the insertion of the expansion key.