Trial of a new rapid palatal expansion screw

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Rapid palatal expansion has been a well-established procedure in orthodontic practice for many years now.
The first expansion was performed in 1860 by Em- erson C. Angell, who, in San Francisco, expanded the maxillary arch of a fourteen-and-a-half-year-old girl by a quarter of an inch in 2 weeks and noted the cre- ation of an interincisal diastema, a sign that the ex- pansion of the palatal suture had occurred. This ex- pansion was published in Dental Cosmos San Francisco Medical Press in 1860.
Different types of screws and activation protocols have been developed over the years.
In the following project, we tested an innovative screw, the characteristics of which allow for safe and effective activation, the quantity of which can be eas- ily controlled.

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