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CLINICAL PROBLEM: 12-year-old patient in Class 1 molar, in permanent dentition with slight crowding on both arches with a more marked discrepancy in space in zone 33.



Following our “i-Arch” procedure, we immediately use the arc 016×014 Thermal CoNiTi, highlighting that the section of the arc is rectangular with the dimension 016 vertically, therefore parallel to the long axis of the tooth.


  • roth 0.022 interactive self-ligating brackets with NiTi clips.

  • Arch 16×14 Thermal CoNiTs


The therapy begins with bonding the upper arch. Fig. 4-5-6




After a month we continue with the bonding of the lower arch. Fig. 7-8-9 It was not possible to insert the thread into the 33 due to lack of space, so we tied it with an elastic silicone thread, which was possible to do in the following month.



This last series illustrates the results obtained after about 3 months of therapy. Fig. 10-11-12



As you can see in the sequence of the Photos, in a few months the alignment and leveling was achieved and we also transmitted the information of the torque already in the initial phase.



Below is the Occlusal Situation at the start of therapy (Fig. 13-14) and after 3 months (Fig. 15-16)




Courtesy of Dr. Vittorio Gaveglia – Dentist in Formia and Rome


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