HEXAGON MINI is a low-profile bracket designed to increase patient comfort and treatment effectiveness. Its profile is among the lowest available on the market. Its main features are:

  • made with MIM technology, for higher precision
  • bondable base: the shape of the base is designed with a double bend radius in order to ensure a perfect fit of the brackets on the tooth surface, reducing the bonding failure and the adhesive consumption
  • innovative slot design to minimize archwire friction. The slot has been designed with the inner wall slightly rounded, in order to have only two points of contact between archwire and slot. Moreover, this particular shape of the entrance allows an easy and fast archwire positio­ning.
  • low-profile for greater patient comfort.
  • 80 gauge mesh pad
  • Low friction Slot design
  • Torque in base design
  • Permanent color coding
  • Available in Roth and MBT prescriptions

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