EasyOrtho is a orthodontic functional device, designed to malocclusion prevention of the kids in the age from 7 to 12 years. EasyOrtho guide the eruption of cuspids and bicuspids to achieve a
balanced occlusal relationship, allowing the alignment of anterior teeth. EasyOrtho do not replace the orthodontic fixed appliances, but is often used in combination with brackets and/or other intra or extra oral orthodontic devices such as tractions or bumpers.


  • As retention device, to maintain the accomplished overjet;
  • Directly after molar bands and/or brackets removal if an instant contention is required;
  • To avoid relapse after the teeth have been moved to the correct position;
  • In finished cases, as sport’s mouth guard.


  • Using the special ruler, measure the distance from the distal side of the left cuspid to the distal side of the right cuspid. Bend the ruled along the incisal edges of the anteriors;
  • The amount of mm will provide you the correct number of the EasyOrtho to use;
  •  If there is no interproximal contact between the anterior teeth, take the smaller size. The flexibility of the material allows you still to place the EasyOrtho positioner in the mouth. The soft force of this stretching will close the spaces during the time the positioner is in place;
  • When a small crowding exist, take one size larger, allowing for a proper alignment;
  • Place the EasyOrtho in the upper arch and check the position of the anteriors. The appliance should be stretched slightly. Support the lower arch in place and let the patient make a chewing movement that way the pressure will be exerted against all teeth in a three dimensional direction. This chewing movement will move the teeth in the proper direction or maintain the teeth in the correct position;
  •  The best results will be obtained if there is a slight stretch. However do not stretch the EasyOrtho positioner more than 1-2 mm. When there is more than 1-2 mm, choose one size larger;
  •  By placing the EasyOrtho positioner in warm water, cloudiness due to condensation is avoided, which will result in less transparency;
  • A close fit of the EasyOrtho positioner in the gingival area is not necessary. If the flanges are standing out or off from the gingival, it does diminish the effectiveness. The EasyOrtho positioner will retain the teeth in the predetermined position and even correct them;
  • It is important that the patient understands the necessity of exercise with the EasyOrtho positioner. The chewing movement, biting the teeth in the pockets of the EasyOrtho positioner, provides the best results. That is reason wearing it 5 hours during the day is more effective than 8 hours at night.

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